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Child Find

Child Find Information and Process

Child Find Services

Child Find is the phrase referred to in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) that means the identification and assessment of children who are suspected of having a disability.  It is the district’s responsibility to ensure that children ages 3 to 21 have access to the Child Find process if there is a suspicion of learning difficulties.

Child Find Evaluation birth to 3 years of age:

The District works with families who are concerned about their child’s development in the birth to age 3 range.  The Resource Exchange (TRE) is the community entity that works with the school district to assist families in accessing the Child Find process.   If you have a child in this age range and you are concerned about any developmental issues, please contact Linda Knight, Child Find Coordinator to initiate a referral.

Child Find Evaluation 3 to 5 years of age:

Families are encouraged to contact the Early Childhood Coordinator, Linda Knight, at Canon School (475-6140) if any developmental concerns exist in any of the following areas:  communication, physical and fine motor, social and/or emotional, pre-academic skills, cognition, hearing, vision and/or health.  The district offers free screenings and subsequent evaluations to children who reside within Cheyenne Mountain School District boundaries who may have developmental and/or health concerns, which impact educational access and performance. If a child meets the eligibility criteria for specialized services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed and the child is eligible to begin preschool the following school day (per the district calendar) at no cost to the parent.

Child Find Evaluation 5-21 years of age:

Students ages 5 to 21 are screened for vision, hearing and health concerns as part of the Child Find process. The district has a Multi-Tierd Systems of Support (MTSS) process in each building that monitors student learning and how students respond to intervention strategies.  A parent, teacher or individual who is knowledgeable about the child and suspects that there may be a disability, may initiate a MTSS referral.   If the team feels that a referral to special education is warranted, an evaluation which may include cognitive, educational, health, social/emotional, communication, motor skills, and transition occurs with parent permission. Parents who suspect that their child is experiencing learning difficulties may also initiate a special education referral/evaluation.  For further information please contact the Office of Student Services at (719) 327-2823.