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Parent Involvement and Participation

Parent Involvement and Participation

Cheyenne Mountain School District parents are encouraged to be involved in the education of their children by supporting their children in:

  • Learning English
  • Achieving at high levels in core academic subjects (Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies)
  • Meeting the same state standards (skills in Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science) as all children are expected to meet

Cheyenne Mountain School District recognizes that parental involvement becomes meaningful by meeting the following areas:  

  • Communication between home and school is regular and two-way.
  • Parents play an important role in helping with student learning (helping with homework and encouraging student involvement in activities after school).
  • Parents are welcome to visit and volunteer in the school.
  • Community resources are used to strengthen schools, families, and student learning (Pikes Peak Library District, Children’s Literacy Center, Centro de la Familia, Lutheran Family Services).

Cheyenne Mountain School District provides opportunities for parental involvement in decision-making processes that impact their children at both school and district levels.  Parents may participate on school and district committees that are focused on accountability (selection of textbooks, curriculum evaluation, and school/district feedback evaluation surveys).  Examples of these opportunities may be participation in:

  • Accountability committees or action teams that assists in developing and implementing family and community partnerships. The committees may assess current practices, organize new options, implement activities, engage in continuous improvement processes, and maintain ongoing communication with the staff.
  • Professional development for district and school staffs that support parent partnership programs.
  • District 12 encourages parents, students and the community to be involved
  • Continued development of positive community partnerships.