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English Language Development Program

English Language Development Program

The two programs implemented are English Language Development (ELD) classes at the secondary levels and Pull-Out ELD at the elementary level.

ELD Classes—Traditionally known as "ESL" courses, they develop students' English language in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Schools group students based on language proficiency and their academic needs. ELD courses are taught by teachers with linguistically diverse teaching certificates and have a strong working knowledge of English language arts standards.

Pull-Out ELD— Instruction is given to students outside their English-only classrooms and grouping of students by age and grade is flexible.

In our program, the educational challenges of each English language learner are considered when determining the appropriate services. These services may be delivered through the regular classroom teacher, English Language Development teachers, reading specialists, learning specialists, and other qualified staff and members of the community.   

Learning plans are developed for each identified EL student and updated annually.  The ELD teacher monitors this English Language plan in coordination with the regular classroom teacher, parents, and administrators.  

Goals of the EL program at Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

  • Ensure that English learners, including immigrant and refugee children and youth, attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic content knowledge and meet state achievement standards.
  • Focus on the development of skills in the core academic subjects.
  • Meet the needs of individual students by providing services specifically designed for each learner.
  • Use and develop home language and home culture
  • Provide students with grade level curriculum, critical thinking and English development.  
  • Assist students to become self directed learners and capable problem solvers.
  • Increase awareness of diversity and American culture
  • Provide opportunities for students to work in interest areas.
  • Encourage students to become creative and fluent language producers.
  • Assist students to develop a solid awareness of their own talents, to build a strong self-concept, and to appreciate the value of these to self and to others.

Process for  Students Exiting Program

Each English Learner’s progress is evaluated and documented annually by the ELD teacher.  When the student demonstrates a predetermined level of English proficiency and literacy, he/she will be re-designated from Limited English Proficient (LEP) to Fluent English Proficient (FEP). Re-designated students’ progress will be monitored for at least two years (per state and federal law) before they are formally exited from ELD services. A monitored student can be re-classified as LEP if his/her performance indicates a need for more ELD services.  

The re-designation and exit review process should involve parents, general classroom staff who work with the student, ELD staff, and other school specialists in collaborative decision making. Re-designation and exit criteria can be found in the CMSD ELD Guide book