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Board of Education

CMSD12 Board Members

Nissa Steinhour, Randy CaseMonica Peloso, Russell Ross, Susan Morris Mellow

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Regular meetings of the Board of Education shall normally be held in the Community Room of the administration building, 1775 LaClede Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 on the last Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise established by the Board.  Regular Board of Education meetings are always open to the public and provide an opportunity for citizens to address the Board during the "Visitors" segment of the agenda.

The Board may also schedule special meetings, work sessions, or retreats, which are also open to the public. However, no Board action shall be taken during work sessions or retreats. Public notice of these meetings, including the topics for discussion and study, shall be posted in the same manner as regular Board of Education meetings.

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Board of Education Advisory Committees

District Accountability and Accreditation Committee (DAAC)
Committee Bylaws

Aquatic Center (Pool) Advisory Committee
Committee Bylaws

Athletic Programs Advisory Committee
Committee Bylaws

Wellness Advisory Committee
Committee Bylaws

Authorizing Board of Education Policy

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Current Board Members

Email Dr. Cooper and the Board of Education

Monica Peloso - President 
(term expires Nov. 2023)

email Mrs. Peloso

Russell Ross - Vice President 
(term expires Nov. 2023)

email Mr. Ross

Susan Morris Mellow - Secretary
(term expires Nov. 2023)

email Mrs. Mellow

Randy Case - Treasurer 
(term expires Nov. 2021)

email Mr. Case

Nissa Steinhour - Director 
(term expires Nov. 2021)

email Mrs. Steinhour

The Board of Education will hold a remote meeting Monday, April 27, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. 

You can join the meeting here.